Me-Made-May is a big challenge on the stitching community, set up by SoZo. The idea is to challenge yourself to wear as many homemade clothes as possible.

When Me-Made-May happened last year, I was just getting into making clothes and thought for sure by this Me-Made-May I’d be all set!

But I’m not, really, I fell into the classic novice crafter error of over-committing on sewn Christmas presents, and then friends had birthdays and babies and I fell down the wedding sewing rabbit hole (bunting and table cloths, no dresses).

Hot pink floral sorbetto

Long story short, I haven’t sewn anything for myself in well over six months, and my total home made wardrobe thus far consists of two dresses, a skirt and a top (I’ve also made a dress and a top that are not wearable.) I don’t love one of the dresses or the skirt, but I plan to do a dye job and maybe a little nip and tuck… I’ll report back on this.

simplicity 1800 amazing fit dress

With just over six weeks to the wedding, I’m trying to be realistic that I won’t be making any beautiful (or otherwise!) dresses this month, much as I might want to.

sorbetto sundae dress

But! The challenge is meant to be, well, a challenge and so despite this paltry collection of outfits (all pictured here!), I have signed up. My personal pledge is to wear a home made garment three times a week.

I’ll be instagramming my wears (@annabelvita) and will post a round up of all the different outfits at the end of the month.

Happy May, one and all!

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13 thoughts on “Me-Made-May’2013

  1. Ashleigh says:

    You are doing a whole lot better than me! I have a 1/2 finished dress i really want to take on honeymoon with me but so little time to complete it! Xox

  2. Kat says:

    Go Annabel! I am also doing 3 days a week – it’s going to be a challenge as I also have a small collection of makes – but there would be no point in taking part if it wasn’t a challenge! I look forward to seeing your outfits.

  3. Fun challenge! Good luck!

  4. Ainhoa Vega says:

    I think it’s a great challenge! Can’t wait to follow along!
    Your family & friends must be thrilled with all their handmade gifts :)

  5. Awesome! I saw your instagram today. Cute little top. I love that blue halter top. Nicely done! Making an article of clothing is on my list of things to do. I had big plans to make some fun maternity dresses…last year…nope…never happened!!

    • Annabel Vita says:

      Thanks Kelly! You can definitely do it (it’s just finding the time, right?). The sorbetto top is really easy and FREE so it’s a great starting point :)

  6. Me Made May sounds awesome and I’m very excited to see what you end up making!

    I still need to invest in some patterns but I did start working on a maxi skirt! I’ve stil got to attach the band to the skirt and it’ll be ready to wear :) It’s nowhere near perfect but I’m pretty excited about it!

    • Annabel Vita says:

      Ooh how fun! I just got out my makes from last summer and they are so far from perfect it’s not funny. It’s all part of the learning process though, right?

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