Who is AnnabelVita?

Thank you for popping by! This is a blog about home. My home, inspiring homes, the meaning of home – maybe even your home if you’d like to share a room or house tour. I also post about trips we’ve been on, my favourite recipes and the best things to see and do in London, plus a few DIY and sewing projects.

I share my home with my boyfriend, who for confidentiality I call Mr V or Mr Vita. In January this year (2012), after five years in London, we made the bold move to quit our jobs and leave our beloved teeny flat near the Thames in search of a simpler life. Luckily, the risk paid off and we now live in the middle of a country town and walk to work every day!

A bit more about me: I’m 27 years old. I love dresses, and I’m slowly learning to make my own. I love beer and baths and my very favourite is a cold beer in a hot bath. Outdoor swimming makes my heart feel happy. My favourite colour is green, but I’m also partial to yellow and red. I love the letter A.

Contact: annabelvita@yahoo.co.uk or Annabel Vita on twitter, facebook and flickr.

Here are some of my favourite posts:

How I met my boyfriend on Freecycle (sort of)

Our engagement story

My first ever quilt

How to turn old clothes into a cuddly new kitten

Play nice or go home

Commenting policy

Don’t be a meanie! Debate is fine, but please focus on debating the issue at hand rather than attacking me or your fellow commenters. I have the right to delete any and all comments, particularly if they are offensive (including but not limited to racism, homophobia and plain old bullying), off topic,  libelous or defamatory. However, this does not mean I am responsible for the content of any comments here. If you spot a problem please let me know as soon as possible on annabelvita@yahoo.co.uk.

Copyright policy

You can snag a picture and up to a couple of sentences of text as long as you leave a comment here to let me know, give credit and link back to the original entry if you re-publish picture or text. Anything more than a couple of sentences, please paraphrase or get in touch.

In terms of copyright of images and text used here – where possible I have asked permission (unless it’s a promotional image in the first place – eg. a product picture), credited and linked back to the source. If you spot a problem with any links, credits or other copyright issues, please email me on annabelvita@yahoo.co.uk.

Privacy policy

I will never give your email address to anybody else and I will never use it for any creepy purpose.

Real life people

If you know me in real life and have stumbled across this site without my telling you about it, I feel just a touch caught out. This isn’t a big dark secret, I write assuming anyone I know could read. It’s just like you’ve seen me putting my bins out in my skimpy pyjamas and with crazy-lady hair. Insert a slightly bashful wave here. Hello.

I’d like to think you have two options: a) pretend you didn’t see me putting out my bins and go back to what you were doing or b) say hello, wish me well.

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5 thoughts on “About

  1. Melizza says:

    My favorite letter is A as well! And my favorite number is 4 because it looks like A. Not too many people have favorite letters/numbers :)

    Looking forward on reading your blog some more.

  2. You’re so great that I nominated you for a “7 Things About Me” Award! Hooray!

  3. Kim says:

    I was always a little of jealous of friends with A names – it was like 2 letters in one because you could either write it rounded or with the point. K seemed so boring because its pretty much the same printed or in cursive. But cursive z. That’s the best!

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