How to turn a shopping bag into a nifty piece of art for your wall


My friends and I (and now mr vitra!) go to the Hay literature festival every year and I love it. The Guardian used to sponsor it and sell papers with these beautiful free reusable shopping bags. I thought I’d celebrate my love of books, the festival and the Guardian in our flat by framing one of those bags and putting it on my wall.

Ready? Let’s go.


This is so easy it’s not really a how to, but here you are any way. Assemble your bag and a very large Ribba frame from Ikea. At this stage you should probably iron your bag, but mine had never been used so wasn’t too crumpled and I kinda liked the way the slightly creased, slightly cream fabric made a contrast with the crisp white mount so I left it. If you do want yours to be super neat and flat, you could also cut the bag, but I decided to leave mine totally as it.


Spend some time using the mount and the bit of liner paper working out exactly where you want the motif on your bag to go. You’ll notice mine didn’t quite fit and I had to cut off the grass and the logo, but I don’t think it matters. Stick your bag in place using masking tape. You want to stretch it a bit (like a canvas) so it stays nice and straight.


Carefully put it into your frame and put the back on. I measured down each side and put the grippy bits that hold the picture wire in place first, so that it would hang straight.I put the handle out of the back because I figured it would keep it out of the way. You could sut the handles if you really want them out of the way.


You’re done. Nice work.


Now hang it and enjoy. Possibly open a beer. Relax.


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