Make a fabric party hat in under a minute


Ok, so there are other blogs out there where you can go for your perfect Martha-Stewart style crafts. I’m more of a I’m-already-five-minutes-late-when-inspiration-strikes kinda crafter. The sort you don’t feel in the least bit intimidated by, in other words (mainly because anything I make always looks a little like your average eight year old could have done better).

Anyway. The other day I was putting together a birthday parcel for my mum. As I was digging around in my wrapping drawer I found a bunch of ugly but fun party hats and some fabric I’d been saving (actually the cut off legs of a pair of pyjamas that had sadly died). Even though, as I said, I was already late, I thought I’d use the two to make my mum a unique little birthday hat to put on her cute head.


Here’s where we started. If you don’t have an old hat, I think the best template is here on oh happy day. (Whilst there, you can see the sort of beautiful hats you can make if you put a bit more time and effort in.)

The rest is so easy you’ve probably already worked it out, but just in case.


I lined up the already hemmed edge of the fabric (the bottom of the trouser leg) along the bottom of the party hat with a couple of centimetres overhang, then pulled it taut to the tip of the hat. (If you’re using unhemmed fabric it would also be fine, I just put my hem where it made most sense as I already had it)


Tape along that line with tape.


Line around the inside of the hat with double sided tape and rip off the liner bit of the tape. (Mine’s dirty from something in the junk drawer… luckily that was the bit that got pulled off!)

The next bit required two hands so there’s no pictures. But you need to stick the bottom of the fabric to that double sided tape. Then trim the fabric just past the point where the two ends meet (you want a bit to cover the masking tape.

Then I swept the excess height of the fabric up and around the cone (I was going for a princessy vibe!) and tied it in a bow.


Is it perfect? No. Would it make you smile if you received it in the post on your birthday? I reckon.

I’ll be back tomorrow or later in the week with more details with the rest of the party-in-a-parcel I sent my mum.

Here’s the finished party in a parcel!

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