Our old flat

I thought now that we’ve left London I could share a few more details about where we used to live.


I loved our little London flat. Everyone else thought it too teeny for two but Mr V and I found it the most wonderful cosy nest for our first flat together (we’d shared a single room in a shared house for six months after all).

Our flat was a strange sort of fill in extension between two Victorian mansions in Putney, near the Thames. It was the windows that sold us on the flat and they were always my favourite thing about it (catch them in action here and here).

We had four of those windows that you can see in this picture. Sure, our flat wasn’t as fancy as the ones in the old mansions themselves, but as soon as we walked in to view it we got the feeling. We fell in love with our flat hard, and even though leaving was the right thing to do and it was the right time and we had a titchy bit of a damp/mould problem caused by all those windows, we still loved it when we left. I got all defensive on its behalf when the landlord struggled to find new tenants. Who wouldn’t want our lovely flat?

Here is a picture of one of the mansions from when the founder of Jaeger (with the dashing hat and beard) lived there with his family a long long time ago.

Lewis Tomalin (founder of Jaeger) and family at 20 Cambalt Road, Putney, c. 1895

I hope they were as happy there as we were.

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