Hip hip hooray!

House of Vita is officially back online!


In celebration I thought I’d show you a janked up panorama photo of our living room, taken with the iphone 4s and the autostitch app (love that thing). Everything is skewed and weird, but I hope you get a sense of the amazing scale and light of this room. The white shelves in the top right are temporary – that’s where my secretary desk is headed. I didn’t tidy for this photo, so excuse the clothes hanger on the table and all the other junk. We still have a lot to do but this space is already feeling like home.

Things we love about this room:

Fantastic windows! 11 foot high ceilings! Massive kivik sofa. Red ikea locker cabinet. Hand me down table and chairs. The shutters. Our one lace curtain. Old anglepoise lamp. Art on the walls. Charity shop granny square blanket. How our bookcase happens to fit perfectly in the window nook.

Things we want to change about this room:

More art on the walls. Hang the clock somewhere . More pillows on the sofas. Have more than one lace curtain up! Put my secretary desk in that nook. Finish up my little filing cabinet properly. Put away the boxes behind the sofa. Add one piece of storage for kitchen overflow items.

Although we now have the real internet, my real camera is still at my friends house. Never fear, the iphone is pretty good when the light is pretty so I’ll get some more detail shots of some nice things in this room (and things you can’t see from this angle) and blog about them this week.



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