Giveaway winner and some wedding bits

Just a quick post today to belatedly let you know the winner of the vintage button giveaway is….drumroll please….Ainhoa!


Congratulations Ainhoa! Send me an email with your address and I’ll get these buttons in the post ASAP…

Bonus picture from the jewellers this weekend when we were looking for wedding rings. Do you think this band looks ok with my engagement ring? I’d like to keep them both on one finger if possible…


My dress has arrived and is now with the dressmaker for safekeeping and a few adjustments. I LOVE IT. I’ve ordered a veil, bought my shoes (they’re incredible) and the bridesmaids are on the hunt for mismatched dresses. The church, venue, caterer, band and cake are all booked. I’ve found a local florist but not booked them yet (we’re only ordering bouquet and boutonnieres and I will DIY the rest with our mums). We think we’ve settled on what we’re doing for the honeymoon and hope to book it all down tonight. If anything, I’m a little worried about how easy it’s all been! Makes me feel like we’re forgetting something….

12 thoughts on “Giveaway winner and some wedding bits

  1. Ashleigh

    That is a beautiful engagement ring! I love the setting. I think the band looks lovely but if your worried you could get a flatter one so it sits under the diamond. We are making our rings this weekend, I am SO excited!!

    Which shoes did you get in the end?


    1. Annabel Vita Post author

      That’s so exciting!!! I thought about a flatter one but the setting for the stone goes all the way to the band so it probably still wouldn’t slide under… I think I will go for a bit flatter than this one anyway…
      Eeps, my shoes are so exciting! I’ll DM you a link on twitter…

  2. Ainhoa Vega

    Aaaah!!! I’ve never won anything! Thanks! I’ll send you an e-mail right away.
    I LOVE the engagement ring and the band. Though I have no idea on what goes well, since we don’t have engagement rings here.

    1. Annabel Vita Post author

      I never knew that about engagement rings! You learn something new every day…

      I’ll look out for your email and will try and get the buttons in the post before I go away on holiday next week. I hope you like them!

  3. littlehousebigheart

    I think that band looks lovely with your (beautiful) engagement ring! I know ring shopping is supposed to be fun, but I thought it was really stressful! I was so worried about picking something that would look good with my engagement ring and still look classic in 50 years. Maybe I worry too much.

    1. Annabel Vita Post author

      Ack, I know exactly what you mean! It’s so… permanent! Most other stuff about the wedding I’m just picking what I like most this year (I’m not fussed if it looks dated in a few years time, I think that’s part of the fun!) but the ring is something I’ll wear forever (and I barely wear any jewellery so I don’t really know what I like…)
      Thanks for your comment!

  4. southernfriednewjersey

    Love, love, love your engagement ring! And it looks beautiful with that band. I had a similar issue when I was shopping for bands – The setting on my diamond prevented the bands from sitting flush. I heard that’s a typical issue these days unless you buy a set, which we didn’t want to do. Took me a few stores, but I finally found one that rested closer to the engagement ring than almost every other I tried – It’s not flush but it looks wonderful, as does yours!!!

    1. Annabel Vita Post author

      Ooh, thanks for the tip, maybe I just need to try a few more till I find one that’s a little more flush.

    1. Annabel Vita Post author

      Thanks Kelly! I think I just needed some reassurance from other people that they looked ok together!


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