The bedroom

bedroom 1

When you walk into our flat, the doorway to our bedroom is the view that greets you on the right. It’s also what you see from the sofa if you turn your head to the right down the hall.

Our bedroom is teeny. Our bed has to be pushed up against the wall. There’s a tiny cupboard (seems to me like an average American hall linen cupboard) and no room for a wardrobe. But, it’s filled with light and has a huge lovely window.

bedroom 7

That green curtain at the top is green ikea fabric plus a closet rod.
Mr V had to risk his life to put it up (it’s a 11 foot high and he got
it up by climbing the window frame), but it’s worth it to not get
woken up by the light as soon as it’s up.

I’ve decided it’s time to love it exactly as it is. We’re nearly-newlyweds, living in a teeny flat is par for the course! My future-mother-in-law was telling me that their newlywed flat had huge gaps between the floorboards that let in freezing cold air and they’d get ice on the inside of the windows. It’s okay! We’re still just starting out our lives together.

The whole flat looks nicer with the bedroom door open (because then light is coming in from both directions), so our bedroom is a lot more “public” than it would be in some other flats. This makes me pleased that we’ve been able to sort out the hot mess that the bedroom used to be.

Screen shot 2013-04-11 at 3.51.14 pm



Before > After (I’d hope that was obvious!)

Ah, that’s better! I’ve written before about adding the rast dresser, but the garnityr hanging clothes cover has really helped hide even more clothing clutter from view.

bedroom 9

But the real reason I wanted it was that our clothes were getting crazy dusty. I don’t know if it’s the high ceilings or the fact we’re living in the city centre (beside a pretty busy road) but this flat has more dust than anywhere I’ve ever lived. You can dust, turn your back and it’s covered in thick dust again.

bedroom 3Drats, everything moved slightly in a recent shuffle and I forgot to recentre this poster!

bedroom 8

That bluey thing you can see down the side is an Ikea hanging storage thing that I can’t find on their website,  where I keep my tights, belts and slips. Mr V’s work shirts don’t get dust protection because they get worn and washed weekly, which is just enough to keep them clean out in the open!nook


Oh weird nook, you are weird. I would love to make a feature of you but I need you for storing underwear, art we don’t have room for anywhere else, Mr V’s grandma’s handbag, a knitted rat muskateer and the homemade chewbacca I sewed for Mr V. Those hooks I added under the overhang are handy for worn-but-not-dirty clothes and the lint roller. I painted that mini chest of drawers in those two colours as swatches for something else, but ended up liking the way it looked just like that!

bedroom 6

Favourite map and curtain bought for €1 a few years ago are both from French brocantes (long before we moved to this flat). Globe lamp shade from a local toy shop! Badly made bed courtesy of the fact it’s up against a wall and our duvet has lost all its poofiness.

bedroom 5

See? No poof. Sad duvet. This picture also shows our incredibly handy tall and narrow tables (one is tucked under the other). I bought both of these for £4 when we were first moving in together and they’ve been endlessly useful as we live in these tiny flats. I may give them a lick of paint one day (the tops are all kinds of cruddy) but they do an okay job of hiding their flaws (and I like that they’re already ruined so it doesn’t matter if I spill water or coffee on them). bedside tbaleIkea lamp, bunny night light (the best for late night toilet trips), five year diary, pens, Anthopologie catch-all bowl. This picture illustrates how tight a fit our bed is in this room! Also, check out that lovely molding. I still need to show you the original (1745!) molding in the front room, it is ridonkulous (about three times the size of this!).

And that brings us to the end of this little room tour. I hope you liked it. The room is too small and has been too cold all winter, but I do love it. The light is incredible and those silly-high ceilings keeps it from feeling pokey or claustrophobic. Plus, we’re only young. There’s plenty of time for bigger bedrooms!

For now we love where we live enough to deal with the compromises. (Enormous living room means all the other rooms are tiny. Location makes us so, so happy. The rent is really, really affordable.) I’ve been idly looking for our next place (one where we could get a dog) and none of them have anywhere near as good a balance of size, location and cost that our flat has, despite the many downsides of this place.

I guess it’s like anything else, it doesn’t have to perfect to be perfect for you in the here and now.

38 thoughts on “The bedroom

  1. Hannah

    Hello, what a lovely little room! Looks like you have totally maximised all the storage there, but you’ve kept it so pretty. And the leap of faith that the curtain pole needed is v impressive!!

    I can totally totally empathise on the ‘too cold’ front as we lived in a similarly insulated (ie not at all) ‘period’ property for a couple of years. We have actually just bought a house up the hill and although it is def a contender for the ugliest house in Bath, it is sixties (as in, 1960s not 18 or 17!) and double glazed and WARM!! It is somewhat lacking in charm though… all the stuff that looked in keeping and pretty in the last house now just looks a bit ratty /mouldy!

    I also must tell you, I recently bought a lovely 1940s chest of drawers from a second hand furniture man at Green Park in Bath, which was in great shape other than the wood finish which was horribly water stained. I thought I’d have to sand it down but then I read online about this stuff called Meubeline. It is like a wonder drug. It is £7 or so which I thought was a bit steep but it will prob last all your life (unless you are a prolific buyer of water stained furniture!). I will put some pics on my very neglected blog soon. Well as soon as I’ve unpacked the boxes and got on with my thesis that is! Agh.

    Totally jealous of your skinny bedside tables btw, as a fellow small-bedroom dweller (well ok, normal bedroom but massive bed!) I am on the lookout for some, would you mind sharing your source?!


    1. Annabel Vita Post author

      Hi Hannah, thanks so much for your lovely comment and I’ll definitely give that Meubeline stuff a go! And there are definitely advantages to all mod cons (like double glazing!) when it’s freezing cold.

      I got the tables in London at a house clearance type shop, sorry that’s not very helpful!

      Good luck with the thesis and SO EXCITING about the new house!

  2. Kristen | Popcorn on the Stove

    Our last apartment was SO dusty. It drove me nuts because I always felt dirty no matter how often I cleaned! So far, this place has been much better in terms of dust.

    I’m with you though – it’s all part of the fun of starting your lives together 🙂

  3. Trina @ Let's Just Build a House

    it may be small but it does the trick and i like what you have done with it. our first place after we were married was a tiny rental. ugly ugly panelling on the walls…and you could only get to the bathroom by going INTO our bedroom. guests im sure didnt always feel comfortable visting!

    1. Annabel Vita Post author

      Thanks Bekah! And it’s definitely a rite of passage – how would we appreciate the finer things (like walking to both sides of the bed!) otherwise?!

  4. Crystal @ 29 Rue House

    I love your flat – the window is amazing and I remember reading about the story behind your bed lol. I love how you made a few easy changes and it looks tidier, especially since you can see it from the entry/living area!

  5. Ainhoa Vega

    Our apartment is very dusty as well! They’re building right next to us so that might be part of the reason…. also we’re constantly making stuff so that might be it as well.
    And regarding the size, I think your apartment is pretty standard for young couples in Europe! We definitely won’t ever have American-sized homes here, we’d have to be millionaires for that hah. I think location is more important, too…

    1. Annabel Vita Post author

      I totally agree about the size of the flat being really normal! And in our last fly we had more like a medium living room and medium bedroom, I definitely prefer having one huge room, even if all the others are small to compensate.

      I’d love a second bedroom though, but right now location and character are that little bit more important.

      I bet your flat is feeling much more spacious with the pass-through!

  6. Kelly @ Corner of Main

    Your flat looks really cozy 😉 The condo we lived in when we were married was actually smaller. The bedroom was basically the size of the bed. It was pretty awful! lol. But we definitely spent more time together. 😉
    I love the butterfly poster!

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  8. Laura Cullen

    Have you considered/ is there enough room to place your neat little chest under the wall niche? Adding a small DIY book shelf above the niche, placing a coordinating curtain inside the shelf brackets and adding pretty doodads or a trailing plant on the shelf top?
    I like your setup. Cullen

    1. Annabel Vita Post author

      Hi Laura, thanks so much for the suggestion! Unfortunately there wouldn’t be enough room to get around the back of the bed like that (you also can’t see that our laundry basket is tucked in there behind the clothes rail) and the hooks under the shelf get a lot of use. If this was our own flat I LOVE the idea of building shelves around the niche, but alas we are renters. Thanks so much for your comment!

      1. Laura Cullen

        Annabel, you are a beautiful young lady and your writings reflect
        that. I have traveled to the UK 3 times and when I saw your apartment photos, my first thought was “She’s in that hotel room I was in my first night in London!” I have never had to walk sideways to get into even the smallest US hotel/motel so I can understand your space limitations. Have a happy future and I appreciate your response. Do you have a recipe for soda farls? I miss that treat.
        Laura Cullen

      2. Annabel Vita Post author

        Aww, thanks Laura! Unfortunately I’d never heard of soda farls before your comment (just soda bread), so I’d try and track down an Irish blogger to help you out!

  9. connie

    nice cozy little room, something you might be able to use to help your hanging clothes from being dusty is using trash bags and just cutting a small enough hole in th bottom of the bag to slip over the hanger, another option is to check some trift shops for old pillow cases and doing the same thing by putting a small slit in the bottom of the pillow case to slip over the hanger. the lace on the windows nice idea and a nice touch I do like it.

  10. Hugo Howell

    I just wonder how much light blocking even a heavy weight fabric like twill would have – it’s fine for the living area but not sure I could handle something that let in a decent amount of light in the bedroom. Is there any way of attaching fabric to the heavyweight roller blind or perhaps backing it with a blackout fabric for the bedroom?

  11. Sue Stewart

    Love what you’ve done with the lace; I also love lace. Will be giving this a try. All good wishes for a lovely life together, keep up the collecting and DIYing and making your space uniquely yours.

  12. deanna

    Really pretty and cudos to you for a job well done. Thought I’d send you a tip for the dust issue. If you have vented heat/AC, then undo vent cover, and fit a piece of cheese cloth over and then replace cover. It helps block dust and can easily be removed, laundered and replaced. Spray a scent you like on them for a fresh smelling home. Cheers. 🙂

  13. Martha

    I have a front entry door with window panes down the side and across the top thanks so much for posting this I love it Im going to try it.

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