What if animals were round?

Happy Friday! This is a totally randumb post but this video made me laugh so much I had to share!

Click here to see the embedded video

I’m curious – what’s your favourite animal?

Oh! In fact – what are your top three and why?

29 thoughts on “What if animals were round?

  1. Kristen | Popcorn on the Stove

    Haha that video is hysterical!

    Although I love almost all animals (not bugs!), my favorite animals are:
    1) Cats – When they love you, they love you
    2) Penguins – They waddle and are always dressed formally πŸ˜‰
    3) Sloths – They crack me up

    1. Annabel Vita Post author

      Oh, I love all your choices. Swimming animals are ridonkulously cute and I’m a total dog person.

  2. Clair

    Ha ha ha! I love that they are not just round, they’re bouncy! Mine would be…

    1) Otters – have always been my totem animal…so smart and playful!
    2) Cats – the best for snuggling
    3) Foxes – for so many reasons…beauty and grit and cuteness…

    1. Annabel Vita Post author

      Otters!! Love otters. They always look like they’re having so much fun. I went off foxes after living in London, where they’re EVERYWHERE and like to fornicate right outside your window (they make the most terrible noises), but they are gorgeous!

    2. Annabel Vita Post author

      PS. I once saw an amazing programme about dogs where they’d bred domesticated silver foxes through selective breeding. They were the sweetest animals I’ve ever seen.

      1. Staci

        I think I saw that too!! Was it the one where they tried to selective breed wolves and it turned out terribly–but when they tried with foxes it went well?

  3. Kelly @ Corner of Main

    LOL. Well, my dog is pretty round.
    1. dogs-before I had a baby I really thought my dog was my baby
    2. cats- I like Clair’s reason…but unfortunately my husband is VERY allergic =(
    3. I don’t know…let’s go with pandas πŸ˜‰

    1. Annabel Vita Post author

      Can’t go wrong with dogs, cats and pandas. I’m desperate to get a puppy. Hopefully within the next year!

  4. Catharine Klepac (@catharineklepac)

    OMG I laughed so hard at this!! I am obsessed with animals so it would be hard to pick a top three but..
    1. Dogs (usually of the smaller variety) – i just love their personalities and never ending love
    2. Polar Bears – i know they are actually very mean animals, but they are so cute and HUGE! and the babies are so fluffy!
    3. Penguins – the fact that they mate for life is adorable, and they are wearing tuxedos. I mean really. πŸ™‚

    Or really anything small. The hubs makes fun of me because I’ll talk to/feed little birds at lunch, squirrels, chipmunks, anything little. He’s like “are you a Disney princess?” hahaha

    xo Catharine @ Your Modern Couple

    1. Annabel Vita Post author

      Ooh, I love your choices! I’m a total dog person, and am obsessed with all types of bears. They do totally look like huge cuddlers with baggy trousers on. Plus I slept with a cuddly penguin every night when I was little! Have you seen the March of the Penguins? AMAZING.

  5. littlehousebigheart

    Too cute, Annabel!

    I’d have to say mine are (and you have to not judge me here):

    1. Big Cats: They look snuggly but they could eat your face
    2. House Cats: They ARE snuggly (even if mine occasionally tries to eat my face anyway)
    3. Pigs: They taste good (that makes me a horrible person, doesn’t it?)


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