Removing lace window treatment with cornflour / cornstarch

Just a quick post to update you on how it went when I removed the lace window treatment with cornflour / cornstarch.


When it came to be time to move out, I sprayed the lace down with water and just pulled it away. The lace came away really easily but there was a lot of residue on the window. It took me a few tries to work out how to get it clean but what eventually worked best was a scrubby sponge and VERY HOT water (so hot you need rubber gloves). Vinegar also seemed promising but the hot water worked best.


6 thoughts on “Removing lace window treatment with cornflour / cornstarch

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  2. Patricia

    This is a great idea and I think it would work in a bathroom if you use spray sealer as the last layer making sure to seal every side and corner totally.

  3. kay brooks

    Pinned the original post – nice to know it was easy-ish to remove. I would’ve used my steamer but then I’ve also removed 6 rooms worth of horrible wallpaper from the 70’s/80’s/90’s (lots of sanding required as well as steam). Fun times.

  4. Loretta

    I tried this in my bathroom, used cornflour as I’m in uk but it didn’t stick so I tried a gain with PVA glue, it worked well.
    Had it up for a year but just removed it a it peeled of in one piece, quickly and cleanly leaving no residue,
    Hope this helps

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